The most popular family names in greater Manchester are Yip (sometimes written Ip, Yap, Yapp or Ye), Chan, Lee (Li), Cheung, Pang and Tang.


The Yip clan has influenced Manchester in many ways and is very important in Chinatown. The family includes the owner of the Wing Yip supermarket as well as the Chi Yip and Kwok Man restaurants. They started their business in Chinatown in the 1970s and expanded out from there. There are Wing Yip supermarkets in several of the major cities in the UK.

The Yip clan comes from the Lin Ma Hang village in the Sha Tau Kok area of Hong Kongand and is situated in the north of the New Territories next to the Shenzhen River. The village is located in the Frontier Closed Area and is currently only accessible to permit holders. Families originating from the village are Yip, Lau, Sin and Koon (Kwun), although nowadays most of the families are Yip. Li Ma Hang is named after a fruit called Lin Ma that can be found at mid-stream level. The village sits within a basin called Robin’s Nest (meaning red flower bridge) which is famous for the many hanging-bell flowers which can be found there around the time of the Chinese New Year.

On December 8th 2008, the first Christmas party was organised by the Yip clan at the Chi Yip Restaurant, Middleton. 400 members of the clan gathered together to make the biggest ever Chinese community party in the UK. Some of the clan had not met up since they left their hometown during the 1950s and 60s.