Art Lessons


We aim to achieve this Art lesson by bringing together a diverse range of learning opportunities for the Chinese children, such as leisure activities in areas like arts, culture and sports instead of academic lessons.  We would like to use this art lesson to change Chinese parents’ thinking that not all children could do well in academic, as well as providing them with sign post educational information.

Our Children Art class established since 2015.  It is small groups, intricate planning and dedicated teacher provide a burst of inspiration to the children’s creative practice.  The lesson has strengthened team bonds by tapping into children’s inner creativity as a group in a relaxing, talk and fun environment.

“We draw, we paint, we learn. Have lots of fun!” Nicole Chan


“Suitable for any age or ability – tailored support for art beginners” said teacher Linda Chan


“Really relaxed! It is my favourite lesson!” said Justin


“Loved it! Teacher showed me a different way to approach art and my creativity. I feel as if she helps me a new way of seeing things. Now I like to look at things in different angles now!” Angela

Teacher Time
Linda Chan Art lesson Sat 12:15- 1:45
Sami Ling Art lesson Sun 2:30- 3:45


2016 Storytelling
2017 Art lesson on Sat afternoon
2016 Art class design T-shirt for Parade