We keep a record of what pupils have learnt and celebrate what they have achieved.  With their parents’ permission, information about what they have learnt is passed on to other schools and organisations. School Records include:

  • 9 GCSE Coursework
  • Four school projects a year
  • Homework - Exercise books
  • Parent communication booklet
  • Writing competition entries
  • Children school work folder
  • Poetry reading recording
  • Questionnaires

Our Awards and Achievement

Manchester Chinese School has continued to celebrate the students’ achievements each year with a Graduation Ceremony and to encourage the students to continue studying Chinese. The Graduation Ceremony is a good opportunity for teachers, students and parents to come together to celebrate the students’ progress and achievements at the end of the school year.

2022, Award Winner of Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China (中国华文教育基金会) £12,000.
2021, Nancy Yu won the UK's Chinese Reading Competition Gold award.
2021, Zhiying Wu won the International Chinese Youth Writing Competition Gold Award. She managed to achieve Gold Award 27/100, including China.
2020, Jai Gao won the Third Prize in the International Chinese Youth Writing Competition.
2015, Award Winner of International Chinese Youth Writing Competition.
2015, Award Winner of North West WEA’s Adult Education.
2013, Gold Award in the Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools.
2013, Outstanding Achievement Chinese Floating Opera, Manchester Day Parade
2013, Dom Ming Wang Award Winner of International Chinese Youth Writing Competition.
2013, Award Winner of UK Chinese Teacher
2012, Award Winner of the Manchester Day Parade
2012, Award Winner of the British Academy Schools of Language, £4000.
2012, Award Winner of National Chinese Dance
2011, Award Winner of the Manchester Day Parade
2011, Bronze Award in the Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools
2011, Award Winner of the UK ARA (British Archives and Records Association) Volunteering Project – Manchester Chinatown.

We are very proud of our Supplementary School’s achievement.  In November 2012, Manchester Chinese Centre won the 2012 British Academy School Language Awards. And in July 2013, we were awarded The Gold Quality Framework by National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE). Both awards provide recognition to MCC’s Chinese teaching while also giving us a stronger motivation to promote Chinese teaching and culture in the UK. More importantly, it means that British society has made qualitative leaps in its attention to Chinese teaching.

Research Supported Work


2014, Manchester University launched the “British Born Chinese" film at Central Library with Dr Elena Barabantseva, Manchester University and the Chinese Consulate and MCC team.


The left-hand side is Dr Elena Barabantseva and her colleague at Manchester University.

Our school have supported many academic research work:

2022 supported the “My Chinese Learning Experience “organised by Yue Zhou, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.  She studied the British Chinese children learning experience at the Chinese Supplementary School.

2021 Leeds Beckett University, Dr Bonnie Pang’s  Radio Plays – Rethinking Health Experiences and Active Lifestyles of British Chinese Children. The radio drama play Time Off has particularly involved Nicky Li and Jay.


2020 Filmmaking for fieldwork, a practical handbook by Andy Lawrence, Manchester University. Book publisher:


2018 Chinese welfare trust report Chinese Community Centres in the UK:

Changing Landscape, Challenges and Strategies for the Future

By Polly Sen-yin Ku and Dr Yeow Poon Editorial

2017 'Where do you call home?' with Anna Lo MBE, (5 November 2017) by Dr Elena Barabantseva at Manchester University. Our  ‘British Born Chinese’ team supported this event.

2017 marks twenty years since the British handover of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China. This anniversary provides a fitting moment to reflect on the human dimensions of the long-standing and complex relationship between the British and Chinese. Anna Lo, the first China-born parliamentarian in Europe, journeyed from Hong Kong to Belfast in 1974. She served two terms in the Northern Ireland Assembly before retiring from her political career in 2016. The audio-visual collaborative research project ‘British Born Chinese’ (2015) sheds light on the experiences of two British-born Chinese schoolboys in Manchester straddling two cultures and identities. This documentary film screening and discussion of Anna Lo’s memoir ‘The Place I call home’ (2016) will serve as a critical platform to reflect on the challenges of finding a home abroad, combining multiple identities, and ethnic minorities’ engagement with politics. Quotes by Dr Elena Barabantseva, Manchester University


2014 the British Council and Hanban joined research on ‘Chinese education in the UK’. (Please see:  Alcantara_full_report_jun15).

Click here to Download

2014 MCC supported the Three Characters Classic (三字经Sānzìjīng) reading workshop by educator Dr Wang Caigui  (教育家王财贵博士公益演讲).

We introduced the Three Characters Classic (三字经Sānzìjīng) reading to our Chinese Curriculum from 2019

2011-2014 supported the research work of ‘British Born Chinese’ filmmaking at Manchester University by Dr Elena Barabantseva.  MCC contributed heavily to the research by giving much time and effort to this project.


Review by Chen Xiaowen is a PhD candidate in Film and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University (《影里影外》专栏作者:陈晓雯卡迪夫大学电影与文化研究博士在读) 全职梦游人.  link: http://ukchinese.com/ColumnNews/columnNewsCont/1569

2012 Lin Ma Hang village history book (中港边界的百年变迁:从沙头角莲蔴坑村说起) by Dr. Clarence Yuen (阮志) Hong Kong Chinese University ISBN 978-962-04-3267-5


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