Elderly Cantonese Opera and Ever Green Singing Group

We firmly believe that Chinese culture is the tie that keeps the whole cohesion of the Chinese nation bonded, and it is also the charm that China possesses. Therefore, we spare no effort to show the profound depth of Chinese culture. On this basis, we hold an elderly CANTONESE OPERA CLUB with live CHINESE FOLK MUSIC every Tuesday from 12:00 to 19:00, organised by well-known opera teacher Ann Lo.


Cantonese Opera Club

Club name: Ann Law club (湘云曲艺社)

Organised by Ann Law (罗伟娘主办)

Date and time:  Tuesday 12-7 PM

China is a country with a vast territory and 56 ethnic groups. People from different regions speak different dialects and operas. Therefore, many local opera forms appeared at the same time as Beijing (Peking) Opera. The Overseas Chinese are not keen on Beijing Opera because of the language issue. Cantonese people are very fond of Cantonese opera, which is well-developed on the basis of indigenous folk music and a storyline based on the Cantonese language's unique singing style.

Cantonese opera shares many characteristics with other Chinese theatre genres. Commentators often take pride in the idea that all Chinese theatre styles are similar but have minor variations on the pan-Chinese music-theatre tradition, making the basic features consistent from one art form to another. Thus, music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics and acting are all featured in Cantonese opera. Most of the story themes within the Operas are influenced by China’s culture, philosophies, history and infamous myths.

Cantonese opera is very popular in South China - Hong Kong, and Guangdong Province (Canton).  In the 70s-90s, Chinese immigrants have been spreading Cantonese culture worldwide.  So, overseas Chinese enjoy Cantonese Opera, not only in the UK. Our Elderly Opera members come from Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Stock-on-Trent and Liverpool.

Ever Green Singing Group 常青歌唱组, 小湘师傅领唱主办

Thursday 10:30- 12:30

Ever Green Singing group is run every Thursday, led by Ann Law.  They learn to sing Chinese songs (quyi 曲艺).  It is like storytelling in a singing form.  It originated from oral literature and ancient people's talking and singing performances. It refers primarily to storytelling emphasized by body movement to express feelings.  Most of the members of the group are isolated elderly. They work very hard to memorise the lines when they sing.  Ann always encourages them to sing it out loud and positively. It is great fun for them to attend the singing club weekly. Normally, after the singing activity, they go to Chinatown for Dim Sam (點心).  Talking, making friends, and keeping each other company is vital.

Performance in Manchester China-town during Chinese New Year.
Performance in Manchester China-town during Chinese New Year.


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