Courses available January 2018

Adult Education


We aim to enhance the local community by assisting Chinese speaking people, both refugees and immigrants throughout Greater Manchester to integrate and access different opportunities, thus enabling them to participate fully in the society.

In Manchester, The Manchester Chinese Centre has a successful track record of working with local residents by providing various Chinese and ESOL English language and NVQ courses. Our adult education is aim to improve lifestyle of new immigrates to achieve this by bringing together a diverse range of learning opportunities from Child care to interpreting course, as well as providing them with local authority sign post information, employment news and advice through our centre.

Chinese languages are not part of the National Curriculum in the UK therefore they are not taught in local schools. However, they are frequently used within Shopping Centres, Hotels and in business and tourism sectors which are areas we seek to help our students gain employment as well as within the education sector.

The Manchester Chinese Centre has worked closely with the WEA (Adult Education) resulting in a “Retail Business Diploma” similar to the programme Manchester Airport provides. This has been a success as we now have 22 students who achieved a high standard, resulting in achieving job interviews and moving towards employment.

2015 -2016 WEA and MCC have trained 100s “Community Interpreting” Level 1-2 work for NHS across Greater Manchester. 16 learners gained “Child learning development” Level 1. The Training Brokers and MCC trained 16 Child Care Nursery Nurse, Level 2-3 and Leadership Management Level 2. All learners ready gained employment across Manchester. Now, we are ready to expend our work in Day Nursery- Dragon Heart Pre-school.

In 2015, MCC was the Winner of Adult Education, presented by Mayor of Manchester.

Our adult education courses exists to provide educational support for adults to learn English in order to pursue their career aspirations. Most of our learners in the adult education course pursue a wide range of careers from child care, bookkeeping, teaching assistant or interpretation. A range of teaching techniques from comprehension to picture reading is utilised to adapt to learners at all levels.


Available Courses

Staff Training available all year round:

  • Hanban in London
  • Shanghai, China, International training
  • Manchester University
  • MMU University
  • Manchester City council
  • Training Broker
  • Discover China
  • Lemon Tree Childcare
  • Growth Hub


WEA course run course in house – partnership with MCC

  • Train the trainer level 1-3
  • PTLL Level 1-3
  • Children learning Development Level 1-3
  • Leadership management Level 1-5
  • ESOL courses in all levels
  • Functional English
  • Community interpreting level 1-3

Courses available:

Teacher ESOL English Level


Dora Ball Beginners: Entry 1-2 Monday 11.00 – 13:00
Steve Ball English A1, B1入籍英语

Trinity English Exam

Active Citizenship英公民考试

Booking only
Steve Ball Life in the UK Booking only
Pat Leung English: Entry 2/3

English A1, B1入籍英语

Active Citizenship英公民考试

Tuesday 11:00 – 13:00
WEA ESOL Entry 3 Tuesday 10:00 – 14:00
WEA Pre-Functional English Wednesday 10:00 -13:00
WEA Community Interpreting Level 1-2 Required 16 learners
Lucy Mann English Writing Skill-

letter or report English: Level 1

Thursday 10:00 – 12:00
MCC Food safety in catering Booking only
Growth Skill


Child Care level 1-3 Government grant available
Lemon Tree Child Care level 1-3 Self-funded


Language courses:

Teacher Course  Time
Dora Ball Beginner Cantonese Chinese Sat 12:30- 14:30
Haiyan Zheng Beginner Mandarin Chinese Booking only
Haiyan Zheng Intermediate Mandarin Chinese Booking only
Haiyan Zheng A level Mandarin Chinese Booking only
Zhilaing Chen GCSE Mandarin Chinese Sun 10:00-12:00
Haiyan Zhen Pre-GCSE Mandarin Chinese Sat 10:00-12:00
Zaming Wang A level Mandarin Chinese Sun 12:15-2:15