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Calligraphy is a traditional art of writing Chinese characters. After centuries of creation and evolution, calligraphy has become a unique art form. Calligraphy is not only used and taught in China. Millions of people are learning calligraphy worldwide. This Calligraphy workshop is excellent in releasing stress and helps the mind and body to relax.  It is good for helping mental health patients too.  Good Calligraphy Art is used to decorate gift-boxes, invitation cards, or celebration events, which are very popular.

Learn Chinese Calligraphy

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2022- Calligraphy Workshop at Selfridges
2022- Calligraphy Workshop at Selfridges
2022- Calligraphy Workshop at Selfridges

There are hundreds of calligraphy forms, and students can be as creative as they want. The usual calligraphy styles include seal, official, regular, cursive and running scripts. There are many famous calligraphers, and these artists can form a unique calligraphic style and school to raise the profile of the Art. These artists also hold many events to promote their work worldwide.


The most important tools to use for Calligraphy are called “four treasures in the study” ( 文房四宝). It comprises a Chinese paper, brush, ink stick and ink stone (宣纸, 湖笔, 徽墨, 和端砚). In the workshop, the students learn the different types of Chinese paper 宣纸:- rice paper, bamboo paper, grass paper and silk paper; in addition, cooked paper or raw paper. It is vital for students to learn the style of Chinese brushes made from different animals' hairs. Each brush has its purpose and skill. Usually, beginners will start to copy the regular scripts.

Calligraphy workshop at MMU university 2022

Calligraphy Workshop - MCC School children enjoy taking part in Calligraphy


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