Supplementary Schools in Manchester 

There are 6 supplementary Sunday Chinese schools located in Greater Manchester, offering out-of-school-hours educational opportunities for Chinese children and young people.

Cantonese Chinese supplementary schools first appeared in Manchester in the 1970s. The schools helped children to learn English and Cantonese in order to develop skills to be restaurant owners or to gain work in the catering business.

The schools originally used rooms in Chinatown‘s restaurants and pupils became known as ‘Chop Suey House’ children.  The oldest schools are the North West Chinese Language Centre established by Wan Shuk Hei (1976) and currently chaired by Wang Leong Ning and Loi Sing Ho, with Principal Raymond Chiu; and the Chinese Education Culture & Community Centre Chinese School, founded in 1979 by Loret Lee, now Chaired by Tyze Li MBE.

By the 1990s, Mandarin, the language of most of mainland China language had become an important part of supplementary school education.

The United Kingdom Chinese Education Foundation was founded in Manchester in 2005 to promote the work of supplementary schools.

Chinese Overseas Scholars and Students

Manchester has one of the largest Chinese student populations in the country and this can be seen around Oxford Road, where the campuses of MMU and the University of Manchester are located. The Chinese Students Union at the University of Manchester dates from 1962.




粤语中文学校最早出现在60年代的伦敦, 直到70年代才在曼城出现。办学宗旨是帮助华人子女学习英、粤两种语言,培训职业技能,以便他们日后能成为饭店老板或者找到一份餐饮业工作。

中文学校是侨联子弟学校,该校成立于1976年,由温石喜先生创办, 现由王能亮先生和何来胜先生共同负责,赵多华先生任职校长。而另一所中文学校则是1979年由利靠其(李其)先生创办的中华教育文化社区中文学校,现在由MBE李启泰先生负责。

到了90年代,中国大陆的主要语言普通话 开始在中文学校的语言教学中占据重要的地位。