Queen's Platinum Jubilee

In April 2022,  MCC participated in the Chinese Community gift for the Queen. The children were asked to enter a painting competition.  70 of the best paintings were chosen to make a huge banner for the Queen.

In May 2022, a host of events was planned nationwide, with thousands of communities throwing their own Jubilee parties and activities to mark Her Majesty's 70 years on the throne.

MCC organised the Queen's Platinum Jubilee party on 28 and 29 April 2022. We joined in the celebrations with a street party outside the MCC building. Unfortunately, we were unable to find flags and bunting because they were all sold out in the shops. So we called on Katrina Keane, Neighbourhood Officer for Ardwick Central Neighbourhoods Team, for help.

“I can drop off some of the buntings to your Centre tomorrow,” said Katrina Keane. She was an angel who made our dream come true.

MCC celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in true British style. The team members went all out to decorate the front gardens with union jack flags royally. There were buntings and balloons hanging across the streets and the school’s hallway. A colourful light showing the Jubilee symbol was lit up, and the party started.

The street was lit up in blue, white and red colour flags. One of the highlights of the party was Danny’s Street Dance. The children welcomed the local performer Danny Henry and joined in with him. The parents also tapped their feet to a medley of South American Culture in the form of rhythm dancing and Samba music. The best highlight of the celebrations was the group street dance. It was a magnificent event.

The children enjoyed a special street party, complete with a classic afternoon tea spread, which included sandwiches, homemade scones, sausage rolls and cakes specially prepared by the parents. We stressed on this occasion, no Chinese food.

I absolutely loved our Jubilee celebrations as having a party in the street is very unusual. We are sharing food and drink. It is a nice experience!“ said Tim Chen.

Throughout my lifetime, I have enjoyed watching many of the Queen’s big milestones – from her Coronation to her Wedding to Silver and Gold Jubilees. It is my favourite memory of England,  but I never took part in an actual party.  Today has filled my dream“ exclaimed Martin Tang.

Platinum Jubilee Street Party, it is vital for the children to appreciate integrating with the mainstream community. Make sure they celebrate the British festival and understand British values,” commented Jenny Wong

Manchester is the most vibrant and multicultural city in the UK. The good side of Manchester city is that many people of different origins coexist with each other in harmony.

I am very pleased to teach Chinese children South American Culture in the form of rhythm dancing and Samba music. Seeing different communities and organisations participate in the Queen Jubilee party is fantastic. Manchester has been shaped by community, art, cultures and trades from around the world.” Said Danny Henry.

BBC TV - Blue Peter Chinese Jubilee Cake

Our student Clara Birchall attended the studio making a Chinese Jubilee Cake 紅棗糕

Chinese Jubilee fruits are red, symbolising good fortune in Chinese culture. They have been eaten and used in Traditional Chinese medicine for over 3000 years as they have many health benefits. Chinese Jubilee fruits are a popular choice of dessert for Chinese festive celebrations.

Many empresses and princesses in ancient China loved these Jubilee fruit desserts.  According to them, eating Jubilee  Cakes also improved their outer beauty.


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