Introduction to our Supplementary School

Education is the main part of the work carried out at the Centre, particularly in terms of teaching the Chinese Mandarin Language in the local Mainstream Schools and in our own Chinese Supplementary School on Saturdays and Sundays of the school terms.  The Chinese Supplementary School was founded in January 2006.  Since January 2006, every school term weekends, we have provided and taught different levels of Chinese Language courses and exams for children of all ages and at all levels of the Chinese Language.

The Chinese Supplementary School has grown from strength to strength since it was founded back in 2006 -- from just 6 children enrolled and attended the school in January 2006 to now a total of 506 children in February 2023.  We have established a small library that allows children to borrow Chinese and English books.

In addition, we provide lessons and tuition in 11+ Exam, Mathematics,  UK Maths challenge course ( 数学挑战), English, English reading Club, Science Club, Chinese Calligraphy and Music - piano and Guzheng  (古筝).


Chinese Supplementary School


The school is registered with Education Department, Manchester City Council and Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) as a National Examination Centre No: 32483 to provide GCSE and A LEVEL courses.   We also provide Cantonese and Mandarin Exams at our Centre or send out teachers to the Mainstream Schools to teach or provide examiners to conduct Oral Exams.

The school is an award-winning Chinese Supplementary School.  It is run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers.   Mandarin lessons are run from Beginner Pinyin class age 5 to A-Level.  Each year the pupils achieve outstanding results in GCSE and A-Level exams.

2005-2016, Our School relied on volunteers to run from administration work to cleaning; in 2017, we started to employ part-time staff to run our administration work.  We must work extremely hard to build up the reputation of our supplementary school for children and encourage Chinese parents to keep up with ESOL English and Adult Education Training program.

We have been building good partnerships with the community, with parents, teachers, children and volunteers.  We have also managed to train parents and volunteers to be fully qualified interpreters, administrators and teachers to gain full-time employment.


Chinese Mandarin lessons run 3 times a day, 2 hours per session on the weekends.

Saturday 9:30-11:30; 12:00-14:00; or 14:30-16:30

Sunday   9:30-11:30; 12:00-14:00; or 14:30-16:30

School starts at beginning of September and the School ends at the beginning of July


From mid-July to the end of August

Free Pinyin trial lesson available at the beginning of July.

2024年中文考试申请表 Chinese Exam Entry Application Form 2024

请注意: 2024年 中文考试申请网上申请已关闭。The 2024 Chinese Exam Application Online Application is now closed.

“We feel very proud of our parents, children and volunteers for their achievements; especially some parents that have studied and learnt side-by-side with their children. We have managed to establish our adult education with WEA, let parents and teachers set good model for the children.“ Jenny Wong


“Chinese culture places a high value on Academics and passing exams, we are therefore committed to high standards and remaining a registered examination centre for GCSE’s. 95% of our pupils sitting GCSE’s gain an A* grade.” Linda Chan

Our School had further expanded our activities and workshops for our children. In partnership with a wide range of NGOs, government and media organisations this has enabled our school to expand our activities and networks with the wider community in Manchester. In 2019 Manchester’s Children hospital invited our children to run Chinese New Year Events. With opportunities in arts and craft, dance and cultural workshops our school has a wide range of extra curriculum to appeal to all children from different backgrounds and create an enjoyable and creative learning experience.

Health and Safety

Work closely with Manchester City Council
DBS checked all staff, teachers and volunteers
School policy and exam policies are in place and updated yearly.
Insurance cover is in place

Our Philosophy教学原则

  • To maintain and promote Chinese traditions
  • To promote community work and global awareness
  • To foster and promote spiritual development
  • To love parents, respect the others, care for the old and help the young
  • To encourage self-discipline and high standard of behaviour
  • To strive for academic excellence
  • To provide a secure and pleasant environment for the children
  • To promote the joy of leaning
  • 保存和发扬中华文化
  • 推动社区工作和全球意识
  • 注重精神文明发展
  • 提倡孝顺父母,尊重他人,敬老爱幼
  • 鼓励自律与高标准的行为准则
  • 努力追求卓越学术的优异成绩
  • 提供一个固定,愉快的学习环境
  • 让学生享受学习的乐趣


Monitoring of our teachers combines both the Chinese and British education formats to overcome the difficulties of learning the Chinese language.  Our Supplementary School Education Programme include:

  • Pinyin, ( 拼音教学大纲) and use of ICT
  • Pinyin class to Y3 is able to read the“Three Character Classic” 朗读 三字经
  • Four sets of School Projects a year (Nov, Jan, March and May)
  • Children will celebrate both Chinese and British festivals all year round
  • Y2-Y6 record Speaking Exam once a year (Jan)
  • Set of Exam papers: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (Jan and June)
  • Chinese Radicals(基本的偏旁部首) Exam once a year (Jan)
  • Weekly Vocabulary test
  • Record Keeping –each child’s learning progress is recorded and updated regularly throughout the academic year
  • Team Working –both parents and teachers work together as a team
  • Poetry Reading Day once a year (end of June)
  • Parent Day once a year ( beginning of July)
  • National GCSE and A-level (Cantonese and Mandarin) Exams
  • Volunteering -opportunities for teenagers to work as volunteers in the School
  • Career Guidance – provide Advice and Educational workshops to help our teenage students with an aim in life and finding a career they want to pursue

The Supplementary School Educational Programme aim for functional day-to-day use of the Chinese language and Festival celebrations rather than the traditional and formal way of learning Chinese, thus making the learning journey fun and relaxing for the children to participate in.


Manchester Chinese Centre
67 Ardwick Green
M12 6FX

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+44 (0) 161 275 9885

Charity Information

Manchester Chinese Centre is a company limited by guarantee (Reg No. 5641623) and a registered charity (Reg No. 1114121).

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