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When the laundry trade died, many Chinese went on to open eating houses and restaurants, which alongside traditional English food, catered for the Western taste in Asian noodles or "Chow Mein" as popularised by American soldiers living in the UK during World War 2.

The first Chinese restaurant, 'Ping Hong' opened in Piccadilly, Manchester, in 1948. As successive immigrants established in Manchester, the number of restaurants grew, and the area around Faulkner Street and Nicholas Street became known locally as 'Chinatown'.

As the restaurants grew in popularity, they started to attract a local clientele. Restaurants serving Cantonese-style food from Hong Kong and southern China, such as Sun Ho, Kwok Man, Hong Kong, Sliver Pool and Charlie Chan's, were all established in the early 1960s and 1970s.

In the 1980s, takeaways began to open. The Chinese chippies served a combination of English and Chinese fast food, dishes like 'black bean chips' and 'sweet and sour chips' becoming as popular on the menus as spring rolls, sweet and sour pork and crispy duck.

With the arrival of new immigrants from mainland China, the styles of food are now changing again. Food from the Sichuan area is in demand in Manchester, as many students come from the North of China and Malaysia, where spicy food is popular.

New restaurants such as Tai Wu on Oxford Road are springing up, attracting a large number of clients, especially on Tuesdays and Sundays when Chinese people relax and enjoy themselves with family and friends.



随着中餐馆的声誉提高,他们开始吸引曼城本地顾客。60-70年代初成立的新巧楼、国民楼、香港楼、银池楼和(陈来)Charlie Chan's 等中餐厅都以售卖香港和中国南方的粤菜为主。




‘Dim Sun' means to pick to your heart's content. Dim (pick), Sum (heart). It is eaten throughout the day and can be considered the breakfast equivalent.
— Raymond Wong

'In the old days, the police would just drop into the restaurants like a neighbour and work together with the community to solve problems and manage Chinatown.'
— 陈廷炎 Charlie Chan, JP, OBE


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