Qing Ming Festival清明节

Qing Ming Festival falls on April 4th or 5th near Easter. The "Cold Food寒食節" festival is part of   Qing Ming. Qing Ming is one of the 24 solar terms in China and a special day for the living to express their love and respect to the family and friends who passed away.

Qing Ming Festival in Manchester

In Manchester, during the Qing Ming festival, Chinese people go to sweep the family and friends' tombs at the Chinese Southern Cemetery in Chorlton, Manchester. They clean up the weeds around the tombs, plant new flowers bad and offer the deceased their favourite food, wine, and fruits and place some chopsticks as well as paper money, cars, mobiles and clothes.

This important custom of remembering the deceased loved ones must be passed on to the next generation of Chinese children. It instils the children to take care of the family tomb and remember their ancestors. For MCC children, we mainly promote the festival by encouraging them to remember their ancestors by flying kites to commemorate them and send blessings to the deceased.  It is very important for the children to understand and appreciate their ancestors and their roots.



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