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China is a vast country with a population of 1.3 billion and 56 individual ethnic groups. About 20% of the world’s population lives in China. Over the centuries and across many dynasties, various customs and festivals have developed. These traditions have been handed down through the generations. Many are kept alive by the Chinese Diaspora spread across the globe.


Every year, Greater Manchester’s Chinese community celebrates events like Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival. These occasions create a unique atmosphere and attract many visitors to the city.


Less well-known traditions are also observed in Manchester. The annual Qing Ming and Chong Yang festivals are held in Southern Cemetery in Chorlton, Manchester. These events are a chance for Chinese people to honour their dead ancestors.

同时曼城华人也庆祝一些不为西方人知晓的传统节日,如每年的清明节和重阳节都会在曼城南部 Southern Cemetery 公墓举行祭祀仪式, 每当这些时刻,华人拜祭过逝的祖先,慎终追远。

“I devoted my life to arts. Money is not important to me because it is my talent and skill which has helped me through war and helped me settle down in Manchester. Now my children are grown up and living in this peaceful country. “ ~ Mrs. Law

“我把我的毕生献给了艺术,而钱对我来说并不重要了。 我的才能帮我活过了战争,并定居曼彻斯特。 现在我的孩子都已长大,我们一家在这片宁静的国土上过着平静的生活。  “ ~ 罗传志

“If the bride's family hasn’t received a piglet after three days of the wedding, then that means the girl is not a virgin. That’s the custom. At the wedding banquet, the first dish is the roast piglet, which means the bride is pure. “ ~ Jenny Wong

“ I 按照习俗,婚宴上的第一道菜是烤乳猪,这是纯洁的象征。 新郎要在三天后送一头乳猪给新娘的家人,否则,就意味着新娘在结婚时已经不是处女身了。 “ ~ 黄叶莉薇



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