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Introduction to our school

Manchester Chinese Centre is a self-supported organisation, a registered charity (No. 1114121) and a company limited by guarantee (No. 5641623), and it’s been established since December 2005.

Manchester Chinese Centre is a registered charity that assists immigrants in developing their skills and enhancing their well-being, thus enabling them to participate more fully in society. Since we were set up in 2005, we have grown from just six to 508 children attending our supplementary weekend school in 2023. Many are improving their career prospects by attending our diverse range of adult education and children’s courses, including Chinese Language, English, Maths, Science and Chinese Arts, in a warm, friendly and respectful environment. We provide updated parenting signposts and UK education system information for parents.  Our services are open to all members of the community.


Hidden Tiger - Extra Curriculum

At the Chinese Supplementary School, the children have a great opportunity to learn the Chinese Mandarin language. In addition, they could join different academic clubs like an English Club, Maths Club, UK Maths Challenge Club ( 数学挑战), Science Club, music Club (piano and Guzheng古筝) and Arts Club in a warm, friendly and respectful environment.  The teachers provide the most up-to-date global signpost and UK education system information for children and parents.  Children attending various clubs could improve their academic and social skills greatly.  Most children progress to University at a Higher level of education.   Our services are open to all members of the community.

We also provide outreach work (Chinese Educational Workshop) in local schools. Sharing our Chinese language, skills, Culture and History with the wider community is very important.

Our young students have the specific opportunity to attend our supplementary school offering tuition in both Chinese and Mandarin languages up to A-Level. We also provide outreach work in schools and youth groups, fostering a greater understanding of Chinese Culture and History.

There is information about UK Chinese Supplementary school, which benefits Chinese children.

The Guardian newspaper, February 2011: Hidden tigers: Why do Chinese children do so well at school?

Working Experience for Teenage Students

We are developing supportive relationships with young people not only through their Chinese lessons. We also provide training to our teenage students and offer them voluntary work by caring for younger children or arranging community work with the elderly. The teenage students could work 2 hours a week during school term time and during the school holidays. They learn how to teach young children and communicate with their parents. This is very important for young teenage workers so they have the opportunities to build their confidence, ambition and empathy.

Teenage Career Development

Finding a career can be very challenging for parents and young students. At the School, we always encourage the young students to choose a subject they enjoy working on and not one that their parents have chosen for them. Young students must find their own interest in a career and develop the necessary skills and competencies. Each year, people from different professions visit our School and provide workshops. Those professionals bring along numerous resources to help and encourage young students to find their interests and their own choice of career. Sometimes the professionals could offer them inside information, advice and work experience. It is very important for young students to have the necessary information about employment opportunities before they choose their GCSE and A-Levels subjects.


Manchester Chinese Centre
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Charity Information

Manchester Chinese Centre is a company limited by guarantee (Reg No. 5641623) and a registered charity (Reg No. 1114121).

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