The Chinese families and local community enjoy traditional Chinese art and Chinese performing art. As such we are proud to say that we play a significant part in both the Manchester Day Parade and the Chinese New Year activities each year. Our Chinese Culture and Art have influenced the local culture and their activities greatly as was shown in 2013 when our Chinese Floating Opera was featured during the Manchester Day Parade and caused influence worldwide.  2014 Manchester Day Parade we created lanterns from the Chinese Bronze animal (Zodiac) sculptures of Water Fountain outside Chinese imperial Summer Palace. It has been raise issue worldwide.

2016 Daniel He, Youth Leader of Manchester Day Parade

Manchester Day Parade


The Manchester Day Parade is an annual event but 2017 it was more poignant then ever as the whole city had been affected by the terrible attack and innocent lives lost in May. The public was really moved by the appearance of your bee sculpture at the parade and erupted into a loud applause, everyone who saw it and heard that it had come all the way from Luxembourg and sent by the Mayor and the citizens there were moved by the gesture. It is beautiful, colourful bee sculpture combining with the Chinese story of The Legend of the White Snake(白蛇传) that really stood out from the crowd, this act has helped to promote a stronger feeling of unity and kindness in the city and we all cherish the warm regards sent with the bee sculpture.

Parade reports are available to view.

Manchester Day Parade:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-gx8kZNIvg

2017 Harvey Zhang and Elisabeth Smith performed at the Manchester Day Parade