Online Teaching 



We have successfully launched online lessons in April, and have received positive feedbacks from parents, students and teachers. 

After weeks of training, teachers from MCC can conduct online lessons professionally and effectively. To make sure students can stay focus in the class, we have also made some changes such as shortening the duration of each lesson and adding teaching games.

Positive feedbacks have been received from teachers and students, especially from senior years. GCSE teacher, Miss Zheng said: ‘Students showed great interests into the online teaching. They all participated in class activities well’. Miss Jiang from Y3 also said highly about online lessons. ‘Online teaching can practice students’ pinyin and Chinese typing, which cannot be done in the classroom.’

Some parents also found online lessons can help them to know their children’s Chinese level and to help their children properly.

This is the first time MCC use internet to conduct online lessons, which is a milestone in our teaching history. However, online teaching in MCC is still at the beginning stage. Please email us if you have any feedbacks or advice. We are here to listen.


More information please contact: Manchester Chinese Centre, 67 Ardwick Green North, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 6FX, Tel: 0161 275 9885,