Workshop - Paper cutting


Many people love Chinese paper-cuts because they are beautiful and delicate with a unique oriental style. In fact, Chinese paper-cutting can help students to feel the reality of daily life and the festive atmosphere. Paper-cutting is simple and natural, and it is very colourful.  Paper-cutting is rich in content and with different versions, which help to enhance people’s life.

As the name suggests, paper-cutting refers to cutting out decorative patterns or pictures on a piece of coloured paper with scissors or cutters. The art of paper-cutting has a history of more than 2,000 years in China. They are common handicrafts among Chinese folks. The patterns and designs are familiar to people, such as poultry, livestock, crops, flowers and birds, babies, operas, auspicious symbols, etc. The paper-cuts are then used for Chinese New Year, celebrations and other festivals.  They are usually pasted on window panes, lintels, walls, ceilings, lamps, etc.; some are used for embroidery designs. The simple and lively colourful paper-cuts add joy and celebration to the lives of ordinary Chinese people. Today, Chinese paper-cutting has been listed as one of the World Cultural Heritage.


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