Music Lessons 1-to-1


MCC has been involved with many local organisations and has many volunteers who have dedicated themselves in doing good community work, from education to cooking for the homeless.  We felt that it was important to establish a Music festival to help the children to understand and enjoy the music rather than just do it for an exam, which we offered in corroboration with Salford University’s, Media department on the 30 April 2016 free of charge, to anyone who has an interest in music.  MCC is strongly encouraging their young music learners and lovers to come along to similar events as participants or as audience members.  Music Festival report available to view.

Teachers Specialise Music instrument Booking only
Tong Peng Piano & Gu Zhang


Composer of our Parade music

Sat 9am-4pm
Ying Ying Han Piano & Violoncello Solo


Sat 9am-4pm

Sun 9am-4pm

Mon after School

Tue after school

Louisa Yong Piano Sunday 9am-3pm


April 2017, teacher Tong Peng and student Daniel He at music lesson
27 March 2015, teacher Ying Ying Han preform at Christie Fundraising Event
2016, musician Tong Peng composing music for Parade