Trade and Business 经济与贸易

Manchester’s Chinatown is the largest in the UK outside London.  It plays a vital role in the social, cultural and economic life of the area.  In 1986, Manchester was twinned with Wuhan to stimulate business links with China.  The Chinese Imperial Arch was a collaboration between the cities of Wuhan and Manchester.  It was erected in Chinatown in 1987.

The first Chinese settlers arrived in Greater Manchester at the end of the nineteenth century.   Many were servants in the homes of wealthy industrialists and some were students at the University of Manchester.  By the early 1900s, many Chinese were employed in laundries.

From the 1950s, there was significant immigration to the UK from New Territories, Hong Kong.  Many enterprising people came to Manchester and established take-aways and restaurants in the city.  Originally, these catered for Chinese workers but by the 1970s, Mancunians had begun to develop a taste for the new fast food and fine cuisine on offer. In the 1990s bean sprout, bean curd, noodle and pancake factories opened to serve the many Chinese take-aways and restaurants.

 The twinning of Manchester with Wuhan in 1986 and the establishment of the China-Britain Business Council North West helped create better business links. Raymond Chan is the Chair of the Manchester Business Association. Gerry Yeung, MBE, owner of the Yang Sing restaurant was the first Chinese Chair of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2003-04).




“ The government now impose the rule that you have to be qualified to hire staff from abroad. It undermines the importance of the culture from the Far East. Now, you need to apply for and pay for the right to employ staff from Hong Kong. I’ve never heard of it before! I understand if it is for a CEO, but for Chef? The take-aways and restaurants all have the same problem: we can’t find good chefs. China Town is dying, not because we’re lazy, but because we are struggling. “
“英国政府现在实施新政策,雇主必须要具备一定的资质才能雇佣外籍员工,这无疑不利于雇佣来自远东的劳工。现在如果想雇佣一个香港人,雇主得向英国政府申请并且提供各种担保,这真是闻所未闻!如果聘请的是总裁,那 “

~ Raymond Wong 

“ We have a family farm here, owned now by my brothers. My mother used to sell chickens to Chinese take-aways and restaurants. In those days the law was slack; but now with bird flu you aren’t allowed to kill the chickens. We used to sell them as fresh products. “

~ Jack Haslam 陆英才