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In Oct 2012, we were very proud to have won the British Academy Language Award and have achieved the gold award in the quality framework for supplementary schools. We use the awarded fund to provide outreach work in mainstream schools and youth groups, fostering a greater understanding of the Chinese language, poetry, culture and history. This includes workshops promoting Chinese poetry to local communities and schools, allowing children to immerse themselves in Chinese culture whilst maintaining a strong level of creativity. We provide Poetry Festival once a year at Brunswick Church and Ardwick Park. Children could perform their Chinese poetry on the stage or outdoor park.

We hosted our annual poetry festival at Ardwick Park, and each of our teachers planned and implemented activities for children of different age ranges. Each child was awarded a certificate for their achievements in the poetry festival. From July 2018 to the present, MCC also held poetry and started Chinese classical reading Sānzìjīng (朗读三字经) in our classes weekly. We would like to encourage children to speak and write in Chinese and enjoy a new activity.


The CHINESE POETRY FESTIVAL is for children who are interested in Chinese language and poetry. It is free to open entries. Children of different ages from different backgrounds showed off their poetry skills during the Poetry Festival. In only a few short minutes, they use their own understanding to interpret Chinese poetry, and more importantly, they strengthen their Chinese cultural identities. Everyone who participated in this very special activity has not only expressed what a wonderful experience of the Chinese language was but also that they have witnessed a great achievement in Chinese education.

The context and methods of teaching and learning poetry have changed dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also has affected our Poetry Reading festival.  During the pandemic, we were committed to supporting the poetry teachers and students online, in person, and even with the mandatory wearing of masks.  We have learned that we could still achieve a lot both in and out of the classroom, that poetry could indeed flourish and inspire creativity, and we could still read in any learning environment we found ourselves in, whether at home, school or in the park.


“Chinese children will learn new Chinese words, practice reading aloud with expression, and be exposed to poetry rhymes. Children's poetry makes reading fun, and creative which will ignite a passion for the spoken and written word. It is a very positive festival for the Chinese community.”

Quote by teacher Xu Hong.

“In the past, Chinese Schools can be very boring, with not many children's events. Nowadays Chinese school change their teaching strategically by establishing different festivals that allow children to learn through play.”

Quote by parent Winnie Tang.

“Chinese Poetry for children captures the essence of childhood at the Chinese School: the fun, the hope, the laughter and the inquisitive nature of exploring the Chinese language. Exposing Chinese offspring to poetry early is a great way to build reading and listening skills and a love for Chinese poetry rhymes.”

Quote by Head-teacher Jenny Wong.



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