1-to-1 Tuition


Since 2014 Manchester Chinese Centre has offered 1-to-1 Tuition for English language and Mathematics to help build children’s confidence in their learning and to provide extra educational support and build on UK national curriculum. MCC covers Foundation level English, 11+ SAT exams, GCSE’s and A levels in a range of topics from Science, English, or Mandarin. With a wide range of teachers specialising in a range of topics at MCC, we believe MCC has a diverse learning network for our students. 


Manchester Chinese Centre also offers educational platforms for parents to better understand the UK national education curriculum. The purpose of this is to help parents ensure the students have strong support in their learning and to facilitate a clearer student learning journey.


More information please contact: Manchester Chinese Centre, 67 Ardwick Green North, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 6FX, Tel: 0161 275 9885,

Email: education@manchesterchinesecentre.org.uk