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Community organisations and business associations are the lifeblood of the Chinese community and Chinatown.

Registered charities, the Wai Yin Chinese Women Association (1988), which was founded by Amy Lai, Anne Yuen, Junita Yau, Sylvia Howe and Josephine Chan and grew up under the direction of Sylvia Sham, and the Manchester Chinese Centre (2005) which was founded by Jenny Wong, providing a range of community services for those Chinese living in the Greater Manchester area.

Tung Sing (1984) is a Manchester housing association established by John Cai to give Chinese people access to good housing. There are  Tung Sing housing projects across the city of Manchester. Tung Sing is the largest organisation of its kind in Europe.

There are also some organisations catering for specific cultural groups, such as the Vietnamese Chinese Society and the Manchester Oriental Organisations Alliance (MOOA), which works to create harmony between oriental and British people.

The Federation of Chinese Associations of Manchester (1992) in Newton Street has a membership of many different businesses and organisations. Led by Stuart Yip and Tyze Kai Li, MBE, the FCAM most notably fundraise for and organise the annual Chinese New Year Festival in Manchester's Chinatown.

A new organisation, the Chinatown Action Group (2010), was set up by Kin Cheng, Warren Yeung, Harry Yeung, Jenny Wong and Ed Duguid to deal with issues affecting businesses in Chinatown and to lobby the council to help keep Chinatown clean and attractive for both residents and visitors.


注册的慈善团体有慧妍社和华人之家。慧妍社是1988年由Amy Lai、Anne Yuen、Junita Yau、Sylvia Howe和Josephine Chan成立的,之后在岑婉美博士的领导下逐渐发展壮大。曼彻斯特华人之家。2005年由黄叶莉薇女士创办,主要为曼彻斯特地区的华人提供广泛的社区服务。




2010年,郑建名、杨矩森、杨钜强、黄叶莉薇和Ed Duguid共同创建了中国城行动小组,这是一个新的华人组织。其宗旨是处理唐人街商业经营中的种种问题,并游说市政府帮助清理唐人街,以吸引本地居民和游客来参观游览唐人街。


Manchester Chinese Centre
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Charity Information

Manchester Chinese Centre is a company limited by guarantee (Reg No. 5641623) and a registered charity (Reg No. 1114121).

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