Manchester Chinatown


Manchester's Chinatown

Manchester Chinatown is located in the city centre, in a compact area which is only half a mile square. The rectangle is designated as Chinatown. It is surrounded by four streets: Moseley Street, Charlotte Street, Princess Street and Portland Street. The Chinatown in Manchester is the Chinatown for Greater Manchester and arguably for the North-West. Only around 500 people are working in Chinatown, which in comparison to the rest of the Chinese population scattered across Greater Manchester, is a very small proportion of the Chinese community. However, Chinatown is the scattered population's natural commercial and recreational grounds.

Business in Chinatown

---The Development of Chinese Supermarkets In Chinatown---

The first supermarket to open in Chinatown was Willin, and after that, Kwok Man Za Howhich was opened by the same owner of Willin, Mr Fang. Later, these two supermarkets were replaced by Wing Hing Loon & Wing Yip in 1977. Then a new supermarket opened in 1973 called Woo Sang Supermarket, which was the largest supermarket in Chinatown and provided goods both for the household and on a wholesale basis to the neighbouring restaurants.

Opening Dates and Supermarkets (Survey 1989)

•1970  Willin

•1972  Kwok Man Za Ho

•1973  Woo Sang Co. Ltd.

•1977  Wing Yip Supermarket

•1987  Wing Fat Hong

•1989  Hang Won Hong

•1989  Wah Hong

Structure of Occupation in Chinatown

Occupation                 No. of Persons    Percentage (%)

Restaurant                  312                    69.33

Supermarket                48                     10.67

Travel Agency              30                       6.67

Professional                 13                       2.89

Culture/Book-Shop      12                      2.67

Jewellery Shop               9                      2

Hairdressing                   9                      2

Community Worker        9                      2

Medicine                         8                      1.78

Total                            450                  100


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Charity Information

Manchester Chinese Centre is a company limited by guarantee (Reg No. 5641623) and a registered charity (Reg No. 1114121).

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