Workshop - Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Fan Dance


Martial Arts (Kung Fu or Wushu) workshop teaches the students discipline, strength and skill. Also, it introduces the children to an important martial art that is a key component of the  Chinese Cultural heritage.

Martial Arts is a traditional sport in China with a long history and full of rich variations.  Many body movements of martial Arts practitioners are actually developed from the postures and movements of animals.

Martial Arts require coherent movements, fast speed, dexterity, clear rhythm, and coordination of body, hands, eyes, feet, mind, breath, and strength. Practising Martial Arts can strengthen the body and build willpower.

Martial Arts is a sport for young people, but there are components that suit the elderly, the women, the weak and the sick such as Tai Chi exercises. Martial Arts can be used to protect oneself and maintain the physical fitness required in some professions like the Police, Security job and Fire Service.   These professionals enjoy participating in Martial Arts workshops, and it is perhaps more popular today than ever.


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