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About Us

The Manchester Chinese Centre is a non-profit charity organisation (Reg no: 1114121) established in 2005 and run entirely by its volunteers. We work closely with various community organisations to provide a great service to the Chinese and British communities in the North-West and to promote the understanding and awareness of Chinese culture in the UK.

We aim to enhance the local community by assisting Chinese-speaking people (refugees and immigrants) throughout Greater Manchester to integrate and access different opportunities, thus enabling them to participate fully in society.

In Manchester, The Manchester Chinese Centre has a successful track record of working with local residents by providing various Chinese language courses, Chinese interpreting services, workshops, cultural activities, and events.


We are working continuously to make education and self-development accessible to all. We do this by providing our space and bringing in educators.

We provide recognised qualifications in Chinese (Mandarin) for children at all levels of the education system, and we are the only school in Manchester to do this.

Whether you want to learn Mandarin for personal reasons or to gain an added advantage to your portfolio, we can provide you with recognition and credit for your hard work.


Employment Hub

We administer a full range of services to support the Chinese language and work with Chinese businesses in China and the UK.

We can arrange the following:

  • document translation
  • interpreters
  • assist with recruitment
  • business networking


Establishing our community work is very important for us, especially when including new Chinese immigrants, as it gives them a chance to meet new people and gain communication skills for networking.

We join in with local voluntary work and festivals and provide immigrants with a better opportunity to meet new friends and understand the structure of British society and culture.

We have been involved with Manchester Day Parade since 2009.



We invite the local community to join our Chinese festival celebrations, including:

  • Chinese New Year Party for the homeless
  • a Food Bank,
  • the Poetry Festival
  • Chong Yang
  • the Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival.

Community Links

The Manchester Chinese Centre is a well-known charity organisation in Greater Manchester.

We have links with the Chinese community in Chinatown, Chinese temples, churches, schools, Chinese interpreting and translation service companies, businesses, NHS health care, UK links, the Wai Yin Women Society, and social media companies.

We also have an essential role in maintaining Chinese culture, festival activities and Chinese history within the UK with our partnerships with Manchester City Council, Manchester China Forum, Manchester Chinatown, Manchester City Archives, MOSI, the Manchester universities and the Manchester Histories Festival.


We at Manchester Chinese Centre thank you all for your support!


Manchester Chinese Centre
67 Ardwick Green
M12 6FX

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+44 (0) 161 275 9885


Charity Information

Manchester Chinese Centre is a company limited by guarantee (Reg No. 5641623) and a registered charity (Reg No. 1114121).

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