The Manchester Chinese Centre is located in Ardwick, which is one of the most deprived communities in the City of Manchester but we hope our contribution to the area will help our community. There is a thriving Chinese community within Manchester with new immigrants arriving with aspirations of succeeding in education whilst keeping their cultural heritage, however incomes are low.

We aim to enhance the local community by assisting Chinese speaking people, both refugees and immigrants throughout Greater Manchester to integrate and access different opportunities, thus enabling them to participate fully in the society.

We provide a diverse range of opportunities and services to both the Chinese and indigenous communities including children’s activities, sign post information, welfare and legal advice for families, festivals, art, Chinatown Archive and cultural activities.

Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year also known as the Spring festival, is a festival celebrating the beginning of the lunar calendar.  Following the zodiac calendar this year is the year of the pig beginning on 5th of February 2019. The festival marked by bright colours, fireworks and lanterns is used to bring people together and remember ancestors and also traditionally to pay to the Gods. In the UK, large metropolitan cities like Manchester, London and Birmingham are preparing for Chinese New Year.

This year 2019 MCC to celebrate Chinese New Year, had prepared a range of educational workshops for the children across the Chinese school to enjoy.  For our School, all children also received a little smiley piggy as a New Year gift. Ultimately, the theme of the gifts this year were “Happiness little pig” and the gifts had five different colours with different colours for different children.

On 28th January, BBC Newsround came to visit our School to film our children for the Chinese New Year Party. Our children were dressed up colourfully in traditional Chinese clothes and both parents and children had a fun time sharing their stories with the BBC News and international audiences.  Happy Chinese New Year to everyone reading!


Our donation to NHS and Care Homes 

MCC is not just a school but also a charity organisation. We have been calling for donations to support the NHS and Care Homes since the breakout of Coronavirus in March 2020. Since the 6th April 2020, Manchester Chinese Centre has raised £3000 for NHS Manchester Foundation Trust Hospitals, as well as public donations of thousands of PPE such as masks, gloves, aprons, goggles, face shields and hand sanitiser to care Homes, NHS and charitable organisation like Coffee4crige and The River.

Taolue Tony Chen (陈韬略) and his group donated £13575.50 to NHS.  He donated 400 N95 masks, 2000 Medical Masks, 1000 Face Shields and Goggles. It is extremely valuable to receive PPE during this peak period of April, especially in the North West.

Eve amidst a time where everyone is stock piling and bulk buying, our generous friends would still kindly donate the most valuable and sort after items to the front-line carers to ensure their safety at work as a priority above their own. 

Along with MCC, the whole Manchester Chinese community is working together shoulder to shoulder with many front-line charity organisations across Manchester. Thousands of facemasks, aprons and gloves have donated to Social Care workers, many charitable organisations across Manchester and NHS by members and of Manchester Chinese community. We sincerely thank you all for your help!