Dragon Heart Nursery

Working With Parents

We believe that it is vital that the nursery and parents/carers work together closely and we will strive to develop this partnership.

We are keen that parents/carers feel valued and welcomed in our setting, and we appreciate their hard work and support to develop our nursery. We will endeavour to maintain positive relationships through half-termly newsletters, where parents can find out what their children have been learning during that half term.

Furthermore, parents will have regular access to their children’s learning journeys through online accounts that are created in Tapestry. In this they will be able to see observations of their children’s learning, and watch them how they progress and develop their areas of learning. In addition, there will be parents’ meetings during the autumn, spring, and summer term when all children receive their progress reports.

As parents/carers, we acknowledge that you are your child’s first educator, consequently; we need your contribution in your child’s learning process. For that reason, we use Parents’ Communication books as a two-way system of sharing information regarding your children’s learning, development and well-being.

We are happy to say that not only do we give outstanding care, but also our children develop as their own unique individuals.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child, or if you need to talk to us, do not hesitate to speak to your child key person or arrange an appointment to see the manager.


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