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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

  • To speak to the manager/nursery office please call: 0161 275 9885
  • Use the email info@dragonheartnursery.uk  to contact the nursery manager/the nursery office
  • You could also like Dragon Heart nursery page on Facebook.

Nappies/potty training

If your child is in nappies or potty training, they will also need:

  • Nappies or pull-ups
  • Baby wipes
  • Spare clothes



Children must NOT wear any jewellery except for stud earrings.


How do lunchtimes work?

Dragon Heart Nursery provides children with healthy lunches .

For funded children, parents need to speak to a member of staff if they would like their children to have the nursery’s lunch.

In the nursery, lunchtime is kept within children’s familiar surroundings.

Children will help to set tables ready, and  spend time eating their lunch and chatting to their friends.

Your child will be under the nursery practitioners’ supervision during this time.


What snacks will my child have during the day?

Your child will enjoy a snack of milk/water and fruit/vegetables twice a day.

We make the snack sessions part of our Personal Social and Emotional Development Curriculum.

We provide a choice of the following healthy snacks…

  • Breadsticks
  • Crackers
  • Cheese
  • Selection of fruits and vegetables
  • Milk or water


Dropping off and collecting your child from the nursery

When you drop off or collect your child from the nursery, please ensure that you sign your child in and out of the nursery.

When starting at the nursery, you must provide details of all authorised adults that will be collecting your child and a password. If you would like another adult other than those specified to collect your child them you must inform your child’s key-worker and give the password.

We will only ever release a child to someone when we are absolutely sure that it is the person whom you have authorised to leave with.

If you are late in collecting your child from the nursery, you will be asked to sign the late-collection register and a charge of £5 for the first 15 minutes and £1 for every minute after will be invoiced.


What if my child is unable to attend?

Please phone the nursery on 07851 745373 or 0161 275 9885, or inform a member of staff if your child cannot attend a session as soon as possible.


How do we assess in the Foundation Stage?

Your child will be assessed through observations.

Within the nursery, we use ‘Tapestry’ online to observe, assess and track your child’s development.

You will be asked by your child’s key person to regularly check your child’s progress through your online Tapestry account.


How will my child’s injuries be dealt with?

Within the nursery we have qualified paediatric first-aiders.

Should your child require treatment, it will be logged in the Nursery accident file and a slip will be given to your child to take home so that parents are informed.


How do we deal with bullying?

At the Dragon Heart Nursery, we do not tolerate bullying in any form.

Children are encouraged to take care of themselves and look out for their friends.

Any incident of bullying either observed or reported will be dealt with immediately and parents/carers will be informed.


Worried about your child?

Please do not hesitate to come and talk to your child’s key person.

Brief messages can be discussed in the morning but if you need a lengthier discussion a mutually convenient time can be arranged. We will do our best to help you with any problems which might arise.

Please do not allow a small problem to become a large one, we are here to help raise your child and work in partnership together.

If there is a serious injury, parents/carers will be contacted immediately using the emergency contact details that you have supplied.

It is equally important for parents to inform staff of any cuts or bruises that children may have before they attend the nursery.  If staff notice any cuts or bruises then they will make a note and discuss it with you when you collect your child. In either case you will be asked to sign a form.


Where can I find the policies and procedures?

A copy of all our policies and procedures can be found at the entry of the nursery on the wall next to the Parents’ information Board.

Please speak to your child’s key-worker if you would like to see any of the policies or procedures.


How can I contact the Nursery?

We are here to help your child settle in and enjoy their time in our Nursery.

However, if you have any worries, concerns or problems no matter how big or small, please speak to a member of staff in the Nursery or call  07851 745373 to speak to a nursery practitioner or contact 0161 275 9885 to speak to the nursery manager.


How do I register a complaint?

If you do have a complaint, please put this in writing to:
Rania Abdelgadir, 67 Ardwick Green North, Ardwick, Manchester M12 6FX

Parents/carers may take their complaints to the registering authority detailed below:

OFSTED National Business Unit
Royal Exchange Building
St Ann Square
M2 7LA

Tel: 0300 123 1231


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