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Because of the dramatic acceleration of economic growth in Mainland China, the Chinese language has become increasingly popular worldwide. Previously, students were put off by the difficulties of both writing and speaking, but now we use the Chinese Pinyin, it is much easier to learn.  Not only are business-people interested in the Chinese Language, university students majoring in Chinese are taking up the challenge. The USA Education Department provides positive encouragement to their students to learn Chinese language and Culture since 1994. A number of European countries have introduced Chinese lessons into their high schools.

In the UK

Only recently, the UK high schools have started to notice the change of the modern language trend. The trend is due to the global business and industry influences on our job market. Watching these developments in the USA and European countries, the UK does not want to be left behind by the whole education trend.  UK examination boards have been working with the Chinese to develop a system to encourage students to learn Chinese and take the examinations.

Leading Language

Chinese will become one of the world’s leading languages. Nobody would like to suggest that Chinese might one day replace English, but for sure Chinese is spoken by more people than German, Russian, Spain and French. Chinese definitely will improve students’ employment prospects in industry.

Manchester Chinese Centre

The Manchester Chinese Center is a Charity organisation based in Manchester: we specialise in teaching Chinese language and Chinese Culture.  A Chinese Language Corner was established in our Centre. It provides an opportunity for our students to practices speaking Chinese with group of Chinese scholars.  All ours lessons are carefully tailored to meet the unique requirements of people in need of Chinese language.

Our Courses

We can offer Chinese lessons in groups or individually at our Centre during weekdays, weekends, evenings, or sending our teacher into your school.  This will provide you an opportunity to introduce the Chinese language for your school in the most effective way and make best use of the cost.

Our Centre can provide all the teaching material and monitor the teacher through our programme planning (including Chinese culture study).  Most importantly, our Chinese consultants will work closely with your school, check all the teachers’ work and review the progress of your students regularly.  Make sure your students are moving in the right direction and update our teacher with on-going training.  In the near future, we can arrange exchange student programmes between your school and a school in China.  The potential is great and exciting for your school.

National Curriculum

The Chinese Language Course is in the National Curriculum subjects.  The students have to study 2-4 years before allowing entry for the GCSE Chinese Examination.

The GCSE Examination will including as following:

  • Paper 1. Listening and Responding.
  • Paper 2. Speaking
  • Paper 3. Reading and Responding
  • Paper 4. Writing

More Information

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Centre at above address, through email or phone.

At a convenient time, we can make one of our staff available to meet you and discuss in more detail.


Jenny Wong