Cantonese Opera


Weekly Chinese Cantonese Opera classes for the Elderly led by Ann Law.
Every Tuesday, 2pm – 9pm at Manchester Chinese Centre

This class is taught by a professional Cantonese Opera singer Ann Law; learners may have the opportunity to perform. Welcome for anyone who is interested in Cantonese opera singing.

Ann is celebrated opera teacher who created the first Chinese Opera in the UK in the 70s. This Chinese Opera club has been established since 70s at the top Hong Kong Restaurant, Manchester Chinatown.  The Hong Kong restaurant was closed in 2014 and they moved to MCC since. This Club has 50-60 Chinese elderly members from around the North West from areas such as Leeds, Bolton, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington and Liverpool.

Every Tuesday 2pm -9pm the members get together to practice their singing skills with live music at MCC. Tea and treats are available (tea is an important part of Chinese culture as well as the Cantonese Opera, it therefore makes sense to enjoy the two together) and it is great entertainment for the mature of age that are also young of heart.  They preform once a year at Manchester Chinatown, which will attract Chinese people from all over UK to join them.  It is huge event for elderly.


2016, Ann Law (second from the right) and her students

Cantonese opera shares many characteristics with other Chinese theatre genres. Commentators often take pride in the idea that all Chinese theatre styles are similar but have minor variations on the pan-Chinese music-theatre tradition, making the basic features consistent from one art form to another. Thus, music, singing, martial arts, acrobatics and acting are all featured in Cantonese opera. Most of the story themes within the Operas are influenced by China’s culture, philosophies, history and infamous myths.

Before education was as widespread as it is today, Cantonese opera taught morals and messages to its audiences rather than being solely for the purposes of entertainment. The vocal and dramatic training includes singing, acting, vocal performance and martial/gymnastic skills and the five methods of techniques are associated with specific body parts namely the hands, eyes, body, hair, and feet/walking.

Educational Opera Workshop:

  • Performance Technique
  • Cantonese Opera Singing Lessons
  • Children Opera Class
  • Educational workshops in school or community’s centres
  • Performances at Cultural Events

In 2018 our Chinese opera performer Lin Hong performed at Media City. Having trained for years in order to navigate the complex moves and elegance required on stage, the show was ultimately a great success thanks to the dedication of our performers and volunteers. In 2018 our actor Lin Hong did a great job of portraying and expressing the story of a Chinese princess’s sorrow. The pictures illustrate the intricate detail in Chinese opera costumes and illustrates how heavy the costumer are: